Do you know how to be successful in modern demand generation marketing? If you do, you’re either pretty sure of yourself, or you’ve got the data to prove it.

So much of marketing is about research, benchmarks and data. On one hand, we have to know buyers inside out – where they really go for their information, what questions they really want answers to and who is actually delivering the best experience for these prospects. On the other hand, we need to know what the optimum delivery infrastructure is, which channels, medium and formats work hardest and then we can start to be predictable about conversions and ROI.

Both sides of the marketing coin rely on the other, and both need good data. Having made this sound delightfully simple, there are a few possible speed bumps on the road to B2B marketing nirvana.

Whether you’re onto incremental gains on building baseline data, the most basic principles of marketing still apply – optimising demand gen spend is a function of both content marketing and performance marketing. Depending on which flavour of marketer you are at heart, data sets from these two worlds need to meet and integrate to drive decision-making.

The best game plan here depends on your circumstances – existing data points, available timeframe, business objectives, available spend, available desire to search for the ultimate marketing truth. The strategy needs to balance both lead quantity and quality, but whatever the requirement it must systematically build the marketing data landscape to establish and tune the rhythm of your marketing model.

There are a few fast-track options and workarounds to narrowing the acceptable range for demand gen. It takes breadth of expert marketing skills from creative to clickrate and everything in between, but most importantly, the ability to use data as the driving force for unified demand generation success.

We’ve collected plenty of data in the last few years – perhaps we can help you fill some gaps or gain percentage points? Get in touch to talk!