Did you know that 4X as many consumers would prefer to watch a video about a product than read about it? This is why videos are crucial to have in any marketer’s back pocket. As more B2B marketers are getting on the video bandwagon it’s a good time to talk about how you can get more views and become a natural on camera.

So you want to run a killer webinar, Google+ Hangout or live video, but you’re nervous on camera. Fear not, in this blog post we give you tried and true tips and tricks for nailing the delivery.

Practice, practice then practice again! It’s crucial that you know what you’re going to be talking about. That may sound like a no brainer but I’ve seen my fair share of marketers just try to wing it with mixed results. Try to record yourself before the actual event to get a handle for how you sound and the delivery of the material.

A common issue many have is that once they get on camera they go from talking at a normal speed to speaking like a hyperactive toddler. A general tip is to slow it down. If you think you’re talking normally you probably need to slow it down even more.

Be yourself
While having a script is great, you need to show that you are not a robot. Bring your personality into the delivery.

My favourite presenter that I’ve ever worked with wore a loud bow tie for each and every video that we did and made pop culture references wherever possible. His webinars and hangouts always had solid attendance and interactions. People liked to listen to him speak because he was comfortable with the subject matter and was actually having fun with the delivery.

Don’t beat yourself up
Everyone always has a moment when they are on film that they flub a word or pull a face. Don’t be too hard on yourself if/when this happens to you. The beauty of video and webinars are they bring a human element to the brand. Every person has a different delivery method and that’s half the fun.

Test run
This goes hand in hand with the prep point earlier. Make sure that you test out the tech of the service you’re going to be using before going live. As much as we love technology, sometimes it fails when we most need it. By having a handle on how the platform runs you can test that your system is set up to stream correctly, know the bells and whistles of how to encourage participation and questions, and generally understand how the webinar is going to start, stop and record.

Do a series
In order to build up a loyal audience who will look to you and your company as a leader on a topic you need to be posting and creating content in a fairly frequent manner. Think about how you make your topics into a series. Spread the love around your office. Get guest speakers, customers and analysts to join your series. The more videos and webinars you do the better you’ll become.

Last but not least, promote your content! Spread the recordings far and wide. Many webinars and videos have a longer life than just when they were created. If the content is evergreen you can link to the video on your website and promote on social all throughout the year.

There you have it – our quick guide to videos and webinars. If you have any other tips or trick that you use let us know in the comments.

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